The Adventures of the Floating Baby Cloud© is a new children’s book series that follows Baby Cloud floating through the air learning and visiting fun destinations. The Baby Cloud book series is perfect for children ages 1 to 6 years and is a new fun way for children to learn. With your support, Baby Cloud’s adventures are limitless, and Baby Cloud will continue to travel and learn about the world. TheBaby Cloud Plushy was developed for young children and children with autism to display their feelings. The toy is two-sided, one side happy and one side sad and can be used to help children learn their feelings.


G.V. Conners is a retired United States Federal Agent and an avid reader who has always had an interest in creative ideas including writing, painting and photography. As a personal goal, G. V. Conners developed Baby Cloud, a character that would provide a fun and interesting way for children to learn. The Adventures of The Floating Baby Cloud follows Baby Cloud on adventures floating through the sky learning and visiting exciting destinations.

Copywrite 2021